OCP is Ornament and Crime Plus

Updated trough hole version of Ornament and Crime


Ornament and Crime - Polymorphic cv generator is one of the most versatile cv generator / processor module for Eurorack.
Ornament and Crime can load dozens of different apps for many uses, If this is your first Ornament and Crime - you will going to love this module and you will always find creative ways to use it in any of your following patches.
There are two firmware versions available: Official firmware and Hemisphere suite, OCP kits comes pre loaded with the official firmware but it is an easy task to switch between firmware versions if you wish, more details here.


OCP is slightly different from other Ornament and Crime versions, few improvements are added to OCP


Variable outputs range make it easy to select different offsets for the outputs (Bi-Polar, Uni-Polar and Asymmetric), with the official firmware the module automatically choose the best offset for each application and you can always change it with the dedicated VOR button.

Extended Range:

OCP outputs can deliver 10v peak to peak.


With the 4 knobs you can scale and invert any modulation source you plugged to the CV inputs, when nothing plugged in, those knobs connected to internal voltage source and can control many parameters of each application.

Front USB Input:

Can be used for accessing easily to MIDI to CV / CV to MIDI functions of the Hemisphere firmware.

Trough Hole Design:

OCP uses mostly through hole component (kits are with pre soldered SMD DAC and Supervisor chips).